Teflin McBomb
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Galactic Empire
Personality Bipolar
Type Shock trooper
Status Stationed at Tatooine
Location Seen Mos Eisley

Tantive IV

First Appeared Episode 2: New Time, New Place
Notable Quote "Look! I even left the safety on my bazooka on!"
Favorite Thing his Bazooka
As long as I can shoot things, I don't care when it is.
— Teflin McBomb

Teflin McBomb was a trigger-happy demolitionist stormtrooper during the days of the Rebellion. He is one of the main characters in A Clone Apart.


His area of responsibility is on Tatooine, where he is stationed to command several troopers in Mos Eisley. He was sent to the Battle of Tantive IV as backup. When an incident occured in a cantina, he was supposedly "interrogating" the bartender, only to fire his bazooka at and killed him, claiming that he thought the safety was on. He seems to like blowing and shooting things up. It seems that he never puts the safety on when using his bazooka, or "thinks" that he did so.


  • He is voiced by Ryan M. James.