"It is a dire time for the crumbling Galactic Republic. As the bloody Clone Wars draw to a close, the supply of healthy Clone Troopers is running desperatly low. During the rush to engineer enough soldiers to win the war against the Separatist Droids, the Cloning Facilities have encountered problems with their latest batch, code name Delta, forcing Chancellor Palpatine to reconsider his Grand Army of identical soldiers. The 227th Clone Battalion, led by the strict Commander Alpha-12, has stopped on Kamino to pick up new recruits, unawear of the effects one Clone can have on the fate of the entire Galaxy...."
-The opening crawl.
Star Wars: A Clone Apart Episode I is the very first episode of the A Clone Apart machinima. In it, a Clone Trooper named Danson is forced into action alongside members of the Gamma batch to fight in the Battle of Utapau, despite not having any basic combat training.

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