Male (Programed)


Droid (Dark Trooper Prototype)


Galactic Empire


Obedient but simplistic


No information



Locations Seen

Death Star Hoth

First Appeared

Star Destroyer above Tatooine

Notable Quote

"But I've had my eye on that large Rifle of yours all afternoon... there must be a better way to say that"

Favorite Thing

Killing Civilians and Danson's Rifle


Rook in a battle

Rook is a Prototype Imperial Dark Trooper in Star Wars: A Clone Apart. He has no emotions and would express certain human feelings out in words. He usually likes killing alien species on different planets like Geonosis and Tatooine, although he needs permission to kill military targets. He killed a jawa and stoled the jawas rifle at Tatooine. Like other Imperials, Rook likes and wants Danson's rifle. He can be hurt by his other teammates' mines and detpacks because he is only a prototype and was not fitted with code sensors. He was responsible for hurtling McBomb, Alpha-12, Bhiff Gamma-09, and Percy further into the future with Danson. He can translate languages, although only seen understanding Jabba's language: Huttese.

Since he is a droid, he expresses human feelings in words like 'Audible Sigh', 'Downcast Expression', 'Playfully Murderous', 'Merciless Laugh', 'Girlish Scream', 'Frustrated Grumble' as well as 'Resigned Frown'...