Operation Find the Crazy was a mission that Danson Delta-40, Bhiff Gamma-09, Percy Beta-266, and Teflin McBomb were sent on by Admiral Azzhoule during Imperial Detail. They were sent to Mos Eisley to look for the crazy hermit who was said to be a jedi. Things started going wrong after Danson shot and killed a jawa. McBomb then shot a bar tender with his bazooka while interrogating him, he believed the safety was on. Danson and Bhiff were then ambushed and chased by a group of angry jawa's outside of the cantina. While he ran screaming Danson disrupted a group of storm troopers who were firing on the Millennium Falcon, causing their aim to be thrown off allowing the Falcon to escape. Admiral Azzhoule then informed everyone of Danson's insubordination and describes him as "armed and miledly dangerous". He then instructs Bhiff to "try and talk him down, but if he has to shoot him to try not to damage his rifle."