Imperial Detail is the third episode of the A Clone Apart series


The episode begins with Danson Delta-40 aboard the Death Star, standing in line and waiting to be let back into the army. He gets annoyed with Scout, who keeps on reading the rules of the army without hesitation. Danson asks what happened to the Grand Republic, but Biff tells him it's complicated. While Alpha-12 transfers his credits into the Empire's armor database, Danson awakes on Kamino, claiming that everyone was in his dream. He then sees Rook, who clearly doesn't belong there, and a Recon Droid, which explodes, and wakes Danson up(for real), where he is still standing in line aboard the Death Star. Scout finally shuts up, changes Danson's status from "dead" to "living", and lets Danson back into the Empire. Rook gives Danson his first mission, which is to join the soldiers on Tatooine. Alpha-12 attempts to join the soldiers, stating that he requested to return to active duty, which is denied by Admiral Azzhoule. On Tatooine, Danson learns a little about the Empire, finally gets his first kill(a Jawa that scared him), and learns how the Empire runs it's army. He and Biff enter the cantina, learns that Teflin is interrogating the bartender (and accidentally kills him, due to the safety on his bazooka being deactivated), and the run away from a group of Jawas tha start shooting them for no reason(possibly because of Danson killing one). Danson runs into the stormtroopers trying to capture Han Solo, and unintentionally ruining Mission: Find the Crazy. Admiral Azzhoule orders the soldiers to find Danson and turn him in. Biff finds Danson hiding behind a pile of junk. Biff tells Danson that the army wants Danson turned in, but Biff tells him that he won't turn him in and he'll tell the army that he saw Danson board a transport for Alderaan. Before leaving, Biff asks Danson for his rifle, which annoys Danson. Danson tries to make Biff stay with him, claiming he can "change". The episode ends with Boba Fett landing on the roof of one the buildings.