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Danson, Bhiff, Percy, and Rook aboard the Death Star.

New Time, New Place is the second episode of the A Clone Apart series.


The episode begins with Danson watching the capture of Princess Leia. Upon leaving the room, he is passed by Bhiff. Bhiff finds Danson on the Bridge and explains how Danson traveled twenty years into the future. While leaving the Blockade Runner, they come across Teflin McBomb.

They then meet up with Percy Beta 266 and a droid named Rook. On the Death Star Danson asks them why they haven't asked about how he arrived in the future. Percy explains how he must have went into a time worm hole: the result of exploding power crystals on Utapau. With an extensive amount of questions, the stormtroopers gives the curious clone a tour of the Death Star. While being re-recruited into the army, Danson notices his old commander, Alpha 12, behind a desk.


  1. Danson (Delta 40)
  2. Bhiff (Gamma 09)
  3. Teflin McBomb
  4. Percy "Scout" (Beta 266)
  5. Rook
  6. Commander Alpha 12
  7. Darth Vader
  8. Princess Leia
  9. Various Soldiers