A Clone Apart is the first episode in A Clone Apart series.


Defective Clone Trooper, Danson Delta-40, takes his first steps as a soldier with his friend, Biff. His superior, Alpha-12, is concerned over Danson’s lack of training and the fact that Danson is a clone of a clone (no srsly, it's true); Alpha-12 even goes on to say "[his] voice sounds like his testicles haven't dropped". His "physicals" were administered by some science officer who shoved something up Danson's... well, where this is leading is easy to tell if your over 13 years old.

Their first mission: recover precious Mygeetian power crystals during the epic Battle of Utapau. During the battle however, Danson runs out of ammo and says "what kind of army gives their soldiers only one clip!". After some brutality and warfare, Danson, instead of destroying a random droideka, he runs into a green vortex on the off-chance that he'll survive.

Danson then finds himself on in a different timeline. A timeline where the "FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE" (quoted from Palpatine himself) rules the universe.