The Battle of Utapau was one of the main battles in the Clone Wars. This battle also resulted in Danson Delta-40 becoming missing in battle.
Utapau Picture



The massive battle started when General Obi-Wan Kenobi engaged General Grievous with Commander Cody's forces. During the battle, Alpha-12 was requested to aid the battle against the massive Confederacy stronghold. However, his team's objective was to shut down a generator that contained the Mygeetian power crystals which serves as a power source.

A confused Danson deployed along with Alpha-12 and Bhiff into the battlefield, where the battalion of clone troopers advanced through the entire field with the aid of AT-RTs. As they suffered an unknown amount of casualties, they managed to claim the hangar and proceeded to destroy the generator. Meanwhile, Danson, wanting to get a share of the action, faced a droideka and a time wormhole, which was a result of exploding power crystals. Danson made the choice to escape certain death through the vortex just as the Republic ultimately achieved victory.