"May I introduce, Commander Baccara's best friend's brother's captian, Captain Alpha-47."
-Alpha-12, introducing Alpha-47 to his men.
Alpha-47 was a Clone Trooper Captain that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as a Galactic Marine.

Biography Edit

Alpha-47 was one of the many first units of Clone Troopers created by the Kaminoan scientists in 32 BBY. Like the other clones of the first Alpha batch, Alpha-47 would prove to be a skilled soldier and a strong leader, as he obtained the rank of Captain at some point during the Clone Wars.

Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars at the First Battle of Geonosis, Alpha-47 would be noticed for his combat skill and be enlisted as a member of the elite Galactic Marines division of the Republic Army. He would go on to partake in the battle of Mygeeto and work with the 501st Legion to recover a Mygeetan power crystals being utilized by the Separatist droid forces on the planet. Despite the success of this operation, the crystal would be later stolen back by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and be taken to the sinkhole planet of Utapau alongside the cyborg General Grievous.

Aware of this, Alpha-47 would contact a platoon of Clone Troopers led by Clone Commander, Alpha-12, and instruct them to accompany the 212th Attack Battalion and 501st Legion to the planet of Utapau to recover the power crystals by shutting down a massive generator that was holding the crystals. Alpha-47 also attempted to instruct Alpha-12's clones with an error of caution regarding the crystals, but that message was cut off when clone trooper, Danson Delta-40 accidentally shot Alpha-47's hologram projector.

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