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A Clone Apart is a fan-made series created by Illusive Entertainment started in 2011. It revolves around one defective clone, Danson Delta-40, whose life was changed by his fear-driven actions.


The mini-series originally aired in 2007 for three episodes but was sued to prevent further production by LucasArts. On August 26, 2011, the series was announced to resume with new episodes and renewed versions of the original three episodes. On December 1st 2012 the series was said to return but for unknown reasons it was delayed. It said on the illusive entertainment site season 2 would come out after May 7th 2013. There has been some recent information around the internet suggesting it may come out in the next few months, however that has been said for 2 years in a row, and as of this post it is January 2, 2016. Season 2 has been said to start anywhere from now to October, but after that it means the series is gone, for good.


"What’s in a Clone anyway? DANSON DELTA-40 is the sole survivor of the latest failed batch of Clone soldiers, hurriedly created to provide enough troops so the Galactic Republic can win the war that eats at its very foundations. Unfortunately, Danson isn’t exactly your model soldier. He’s had no training. He even doesn’t know how to fire his rifle. And he questions the rather… questionable practices of the army founded on the “overwhelm them with many in useless plastic armor” principle. Unacceptable.''

Fortunately, Danson’s destiny lies elsewhere. When he accidentally steps through a portal in time/space one day, he begins his quest to find a place where he truly belongs… in the underbelly of the events of the original Star Wars Trilogy. The lone representative of the world of the Prequel Trilogies, Danson finds that a lot of things don’t add up, and that he isn’t exactly welcome either. From jobs with both the Imperial and Rebel armies to bounty-hunting with Boba Fett and other private-sector jobs (such as mining lava on Mustafar), Danson and his few loyal compatriots cast a new glance onto a story so familiar, showing what really happened behind the scenes."


List of EpisodesEdit

Utapau Picture


1-A Clone Apart

On Kamino Alpha-12 and Beta-266 are looking at Danson and the Gramma batch-including Bhiff- where Alpha-12 finds out that all of the Delta batch-except for Danson- are dead and that the Gramma batch have a weird voice.Later on a Republic cruiser Alpha-12 tells the men about there mission to Utapau to shut down the generator and are briefed by another ARC trooper on a hologram but just before he finishes Danson fires his rifle at him and then Alpha-12 gets angry.

A little later Danson and Bhiff walk to a gunship with Bhiff also carrying a rocket launcher and when they hit the ground they get separated. Danson later finds a walker and decides to ride in it for safety but he does not know how to work it and it ends up getting destroyed but Danson bails out and then runs from a droid tank. Later he tries to fire his rifle but it won't work and Bhiff comes in and then Danson finds out that Bhiff has run out of rockets and then Bhiff shoots one of there guys so Danson can get ammo but after Danson gets his ammo he learns that he just had the safety on.

After both Alpha-12 and Bhiff get in Republic tank, leaving Danson in the hanger with a Droideka, which they use to destroy the generator which sends out green rings which give Danson a choice of death or a wormhole. Danson chooses the wormhole which lands him 20 years in 0 A.B.Y on Tantive IV and then hears blaster fire and rushes to see it and then wonders what's happened.

===2-New Time, New Place===

Danson wanders around the ship and finds two Stormtroopers firing on Princess Leia and then he sees Darth Vader force choking Captain Antilles and then he thinks he's in hell. Then he run passes another Stormtrooper, Bhiff, and then hides in the control room. Bhiff who recognizes Danson turns around and asks a Sergeant Aran where Danson went and the Sergeant tells him but is annoyed for Bhiff telling him to swallow a thermal detonator.

When Bhiff finds Danson he tells him that he's been missing for 20 years and also Danson is a bit shocked by the new armor Bhiff is wearing. When they're walking to the Star Destroyer a rocket is fried and then the man says sorry and that it was a learning shot. Bhiff recognizes him as Teflin McBomb and asks why he's here and McBomb says that they brought him in for backup and that he goes down to Tatooine in the morning. Danson meets McBomb and then he and Bhiff go onboard the Star Destroyer and then enter the control room where Scout is playing on a game and is almost on level 50. Since Danson does not have the new armor the guns fire on him and Bhiff tells Percy to stop but until Percy hears that Danson is there he does not stop.

When Danson walks up to Percy he learns that he is the science officer was the one who performed a surgery on him to save him but caused the rest of his batch to die and now has been made a reconnaissance unit. Then Bhiff takes him to meet Dark Trooper-droid prototype-Rook and then learns that when they will be replaced by Rook and more like him and that they will have to charge them up.

Later on the Death Star, Bhiff, Rook and Percy give Danson a tour of the battlesation from the cell bay to the area where there's a bottomless pit where a recon droid fires on Danson and then blows up and then Rook uses his jump-back where Danson knows what that thing is for on his back. After the tour Scout lines Danson and a few Stormtroopers for duty,there Danson finds Alpha-12 behind a desk where he learns more about the new Galactic Empire.

===3-Imperial Detail===

When Danson is wait for Scout to finish detail he asks why Alpha-12 is sitting behind a desk and finds out that as one of the remaining clones in their army and has been given the task of keeping there flies safe where Danson finds out that the Republic has been changed to the Galactic Empire from both Bhiff and Alpha-12. He also learns that there's no Jedi council and then another recon droid shows while Bhiff explain what's happen in the past 20 years when Admiral Azzhoule shows up and tells Alpha-12 to hurry up and he also tells him not to try and join him because he has no chance of going planet-side.

While Scout is changing Danson status from dead to living and then is welcomed back to the army and they also have to order his Stormtrooper armor and having to transfer his contents to the army database and all. While Alpha-12 is doing that Danson falls asleep on his feet where he dreams that he's on Kamino with Bhiff, Scout and Alpha-12 with some more clones and thinks that he had been dreaming about the Death Star and all that but when he sees Rook and the recon droid there he learns that he is dreaming now. When he awakes he learns from Rook that he is to join the men on Tatooine with Bhiff and the others and then the recon droid blows up beside Alpha-12 and Scout.

Later Danson finds Bhiff in one of the hangers and asks him where the Bathrooms are and that he has been looking for 40 minutes and that they all have conflicting reports and that he had no choice. Bhiff say that the troopers where playing a trick on him since he's new and that if he has to go down the bottomless pit he'll take a sick day. Then Rook and Scout show up to come to wish Danson well on his second mission since they can't go because scout troopers are only allowed on forest planets and Rook is not allowed until the find a Rebel base. Meanwhile Sergeant Aran is telling his men about the situation on Tatooine but when he finds Alpha-12 in the group where he says he has emergency orders to accompany them to the surface but Admiral Azzhoule comes in and says the request is denied and to get behide his desk.

Later on Tatooine, Danson; Bhiff are searching the city of Mos Eisley where Danson asks why Bhiff is still a Private and are most of the clones gone and Bhiff says promoted, retired or dead (which is mostly) and says that soon after he was promoted to Sergeant one of the new recruit made fun of his name so he thew him in a tash compacter but Scout sniched on him so he was demoted then a rule was made that clones could not be promoted again. Then a Jawa that spooked Danson out which made him fire his rifle killing the Jawa and he asks what was that and Bhiff tells him why and Bhiff decides to buy Danson a drink to celebrate his first kill.

When they head to the Cantina they find two Stormtroopers Guarding the the front door and when Danson and Bhiff show up and lie to them about being ordered to take their place but the Stormtroopers have been told by Sergeant Aran to Guard the door. When Bhiff lies about that they saw a cazey old herman and since they are not clones they cloud get promoted and they head off and Bhiff and Danson head in the Cantina. Just after they get inside they find McBomb interrogating the bartender only to fire his Bazooka off barely missing the bartender by accident because he was sure the safety was on.

When Danson and Bhiff leave eight Jawas come out and fire at them and they both get seperated and Danson finds Three Stromtroopers; including the two from the Cantina door-firing on Han Solo and Danson gets in the way causeing Han to get away. While Bhiff is looking for Danson Admiral Azzhoule calls all troops to find and kill or recapture Danson but when Bhiff finds him he tells him whats happened and says that he's not going to bring him in and that he saw you leaving on a ship heading for Alderaan and says goodbye to Danson.


Boba Fett is the Cantina getting a drink when a women comes and mistakes him for his father Jango Fett which annoying him and then the women says she needs someone like him in her line of work but he refuses.and goes back to drinking. Then Danson comes in and asks for the same drink Boba has got and when he sees Boba he to mistakes him for Jango Fett and Boba knows he's one of those clones while Danson is asksing Boba a lot of questions until he learns he's Boba Fett. Danson and Boba then talk about what happened with Boba in turbole wih Jabba the Hutt and Jango Fett and when they comen to a desion someone shows up which spokes both Boba and Danson and Boba burns him by accident and then he and Danson leave for Jabba's palace.

At Jabba'a palace a Gruad takes Danson and Boba to a room and then leaves to tell Jabba and then as they are talking a MagnaGurad shows up and Danson knows he's one of General Grievous' old bodyguards from the Clone Wars. The driod says that when the war was over he thought that Jabba was the next best thing and Boba is able to convince the droid to go to Dagobah and then the Guard comes back and takes Danson and Boba to Jabba and then Boba tells him about the droid and whises to bring him back for Jabba. Danson accidently opens the Rancor pit with the Gruad on the trapdoor and then the Rancor eats him and then Danson and Boba leave to get the droid.


Boba Fett

===5-RE(CON)NAISSANCE Part 1===

On the Death Star Darth Vader kills Admiral Azzhoule for failing to find Danson and then promotes Alpha-12 to Commander to find Danson, then Scout comes in and says that Danson could bankrupt the entire Emipre and then Alpha-12 promotes Scout to Sergeant to go planetside and calls him the SS for short.

Meanwhile Danson and Boba find the droid on Dagobah and then get ready to get him but Danson gets mad because the droid called him a slave and then Danson falls in a hole and finds master Yoda but didn't know that at first and Boba finds the droid and flies away in Slave-1 leaveing Danson on Dogabah.

Meanwhile Alpha-12 and Scout find a damaged bridge with Rook and Bhiff on the other side and the puts them in his squad and gives Rook and gun that fries lighting but Bhiff says they may need a bazooka or something and then states that McBomb is the best for that and they leave to find him.

On Dagobah; Danson speaks to Yoda and they go to Yoda's hut where Obi-wan's ghost comes up and tells Yoda about what happened and convinces Yoda to help Danson find his way home to his home time and shows him to a crashed Gunship.


On Tatooine McBomb is interrogating the Bartenders brother because he killed his twin before and while he is interrogating he threatening to kill him when Alpha-12 comes in and tells him he is to be recruited for his squad and that Bhiff had requested him.

Meanwhile Danson and Yoda make it to the gunship and lifts it out of the swamp and Danson starts to repair it while Yoda tells him how to go back home and after there done Danson heads out for the Death Star for his way home.

Back on Tatooine Alpha-12 tells them that the fact of Danson heading for Alderaan in a lie which causes Bhiff to make a small laugh and then says that they are the second best but Scout has never fired his gun and then they head for Jabba' palace to start the search.

Later when the squad are in Jabba's palace where they here about the droid they went to find and Alpha-12 belives that they're on Geonosis and sets out to find them but after they leave Boba comes back with the droid. When the squad lands on Geonosis they find nothing and Bhiff says that this place is worse than on Tatooine and head back to the Death Star.Meanwhile Danson flies the gunship to the Death Star hopefully to go back to his time. 


Danson arrives at the Death Star not knowing about the Rebel attack and has a hard time landing the gunship and crarshes it in hanger 14 starting a fire and heads for the superlaser. On his way he finds out Alpha-12 is hruting him with Bhiff, Rook, Scout and McBomb and gets lost trying to find the super laser because he didn't pay much attention when he was giving the tour. Also he hears Sergeant Aran and the same two Stormtroopers he saw at the Cantina having an argument about finding Danson and putting out the fire in hanger 14 and turns into the cell bay where Aplha-12 and the others are there and Alpha-12 orders them to fire at Danson. Bhiff does not what to kill his friend so he sets his gun for stun, Rook finds that finding Danson is harder than he expected and Alpha-12 and Scout stick together.

Scout fires his rifle for the first time and in the chaos Rook accidentally hits Alpha-12 at once and when Danson heads back to the main room McBomb is waiting and fires his bazooka at Danson but misses and then Danson hides in the garbage chute. Once he's down there the walls close in but Danson escapes and finds a recon droid waiting and when it blows up Rook fires from up high and just as Dason gets to the super laser Alpha-12, Bhiff, Percy and McBomb are waiting. Danson is able to get them in an argument allowing him to escape but Rook follows him there McBomb tells the others that he left mines in Danson way while the others where chasing him in the cell bay but because Danson is a clone he's safe but as Rook is a prototype he was never outfited with the right inseasors and when the laser powers up Danson knows that's his way home and jumps into the laser beam but when Rook finds the others a detpack goes off sending the team into the laser and the next thing they know they're on a ice planet.


On the ice planet the team try to find out where they are and Alpha-12 has Scout come with him and leaves the others in the hanger. Rook finds Danson behind a box who's freezing and Bhiff tells him to put his armor's heating on then Danson, Bhiff, Rook and McBomb leave the hanger to find out when and where they are. Alpha-12 and Scout wander thorugh the cave and then see two rebels hearding out the base and then Alpha-12 thincks they on Yavin 4 until he finds a radio and finds out he's on Hoth and that it's been three years since the battle of Yavin 4 and then Alpha-12 and Scout head for the shild generator. Un-F**kin'-Beleivable...

Outside Danson, Bhiff, Rook and McBomb head over the snow and ice but Danson falls in a trench and meets and Rebel female named Colonel Vespa and finds out that the Death Star had been blow up three years ago and when the battle begins Danson finds the others and tells them whats happened. Scout and Alpha-12 find the control for the shield generator and tries to shut it down to make sure General Veers does not get all the credit but they fail. Meanwhile Danson, Bhiff, Rook and McBomb talk on a ridge and then learn that they can't go back to the Empire after being missing for three years and have to work together and help each other from now and then the group is attacked by a Wampa and that is the end of season 1.

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